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Digitalized container sealing streamlines logistics operations

Chinese researchers from East China Normal University (ECNU) have developed a digitalized container sealing technology that uses QR codes or NFC to simplify global container transportation. The International Organization for Standardization (IOS) in Geneva, Switzerland, has officially released this technology as an international standard. The digitalized container seals are embedded with QR codes or NFC and use the power of BeiDou and low-orbit satellites to enable real-time, traceable, and big data integrated monitoring of container seals. Sinotrans Container Lines has extensively used container seals equipped with NFC or QR codes in its Asian routes since 2019, and almost 6 million container seals have been sold to the United States and Canada, among other countries. This technology is used in various industries and applications such as inspection and quarantine, transportation of dangerous goods, energy, food and daily chemical products, petrochemical industry, and logistics. The container sealing technology is a significant breakthrough in the establishment of international standards in the logistics and transportation fields, and it is advancing digitalization in container logistics.

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