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RFID Scanning An Overview

RFID uses radiofrequency waves to transfer data wirelessly and without contact. Functionally, barcodes are different from RFID scanners because the scanner needs a line of sight to the barcodes. RFID scanners do not need a line of sight—they communicate with the RFID tags on items without needing to see them individually. 

Types Of Picking

The process of choosing the right materials, products, items or SKUs from the storage bins in a warehouse or fulfillment center for fulfilling an order placed by a customer is known as Picking. It is the first stage in fulfilling an order and must be flawless so that the remaining fulfilment processes order packing shipping, and post-sales activity can also run smoothly.

Types Of Material Handling Equipments

Material Handling constitutes one of the main activities in the warehouse and therefore, considerable attention needs to be given to this subject in order to ensure that handling methods and handling equipment contribute to efficiency and economy. A few factors involved in materials handling are as follows:-

Inventory Cycle Counting

Warehouses run like well-oiled machines when audits are conducted. Reconciling on-hand products with records is foundational to accurate data at all stages of the logistics pipeline. The most efficient inventory management plans lead to minimal transaction error rates and extremely high stock record accuracy without taking away from staff’s essential tasks. 

Slotting & Bin Consolidation

Bin Consolidation & Slotting

Warehouse slotting is the process of organizing the inventory in a warehouse or distribution centre to maximize space and efficiencyIt is a form of inventory management. The purpose of a warehouse is to provide storage of products to meet customer demands and inventory allows the decoupling of demand and supply.

Warehouse Put Away

Putaway Rules

Put away in warehouse is a crucial aspect of warehouse management, which involves several processes starting with warehouse receiving and ending with ensuring that inventory is stored in the right warehouse locations such as racks, shelves etc.  Put away is a rule-based system of moving items from a received shipment to the right places in warehouses.

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Barcode Scanning An Overview

An efficient warehouse needs to be organized for all employees to locate products quickly and easily. It is impossible to survive in a fast-paced environment without a system where data flows with accuracy and speed. A connected system allows us to allocate resources efficiently, get the most out of the tools and boost worker productivity all at once. Equally important is the ability it gives everyone to adapt to external events that are outside our control

Storage System And Types

The term “Storage” refers to the physical act of storing the materials or stock in a warehouse, on pallets, shelves, racks, boxes, bins etc. with the objective of retrieving them later for issue or dispatch to the customer or internally. Warehouses have secured spaces where inventory is stored before shipping it out to the end customers. A warehouse gives better control over the inventory and ensures that customers receive on-time delivery of products, ultimately leading to higher profits.

Quality as a Strategy Inside Warehouse

Quality control in the warehouse is important to the success of an organization and its business. Focusing on the quality of each order, monitoring and adjusting protocols and processes based on key metrics for the proper packing and shipping of each order can improve the efficiency of operations. Keeping tabs on metrics such as how long it takes to pick, safely package, and correctly fill an order, to then load it properly before it ships out are all fundamental to improving product quality.

License Plate

Manual or outdated processes often slow warehouse operations. With evolving technology and a significant shift towards automation, warehouse operators are constantly assessing what additions to implement for increased efficiency. One such process to consider automating is how you scan and track inventory – using license plating. Inventory license plating plays a crucial role in the identification process to mark a pallet or group of materials and products.

Value Added Service in Warehouse

A value-added service (VAS service) goes beyond “typical” warehousing. These services are additional services that a warehouse or third party logistics (3PL) provider can offer to their clients beyond the standard storage and shipping services.