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Handheld scanners

Handheld scanners play a crucial role in warehouse management by streamlining data collection, enhancing efficiency, and improving accuracy. These versatile devices enable workers to capture information quickly and accurately, facilitating tasks such as inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping and receiving.

Zebra LS1203 (LS1203-7AZU0100ZY)

 Wired Zebra (Motorola) LS1203 Handheld – 1D Barcode Scanner

 Zebra LS2208 (LS2208-7AZU0100ZY)

Wired Zebra (Motorola) LS2208 Handheld -1D Barcode Scanner

Zebra DS2208 (DS2208-SR7U2100AZK)

 Wired Zebra (Motorola) DS2208 Handheld -2D (QR Code, Datamatrix,PDF 417,etc ) & 1D Barcode Scanner

 Zebra DS9308 (DS9308-SR4U2100AZ)

Zebra Tabletop scanner-General Purpose Hands-Free And On-Counter Scanners

 Zebra DS3608 (DS3608-SR3U4600K)

 Industrial Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners DS3608-SR of 3600 Series

 Zebra DS4608 (DS4608-SR7U2100ZZY)

DS4600 Series for Retail. The versatile scanner that does more for your retail operations.

 Zebra DS7708 (DS7708-SR00004ZCWW)

Symbol DS7708 2D Imager-Easy To Deploy, High Performance, On-Counter Scanning



 Zebra LS2208 ( SR20007R-Y)

Wired Zebra (Motorola) LS2208 Handheld -1D Barcode Scanner

 Zebra DS4308-P (DS4308-SR7U2100PZY)

 The DS4308P is a feature-rich combination handheld and hands-free 1D & 2D imager that resets the bar for scanning performance, scanning range, versatility and ease-of-use.

Zebra DS4608-XD (DS4608-XD7U2104ZVA)

DS4608-XD patented rear engine design creates more room for a built-in diffuser—providing optimal illumination on a wide variety of surfaces. Indirect lighting enables the capture of codes printed on shiny and reflective surfaces, while direct light provides the bright light needed to successfully read low contrast barcodes and laser-etched codes.

Zebra DS8108-SR00007ZZK

Zebra (Motorola) D8108 Corded -2D (QR Code, Datamatrix,PDF 417,etc ) & 1D Barcode Scanner

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