Pyrops Features

Inbound operations

Pyrops lets you enjoy efficient receiving and putaway with a scan-based process. User-friendly quality check module and inventory hold option to speed up the process and eliminate bottlenecks. Systematic putaway of goods to storage locations simplifies further processes. 

Outbound operations

Pyrops is designed to ensure faster and accurate fulfilment of products to your customers. Flexible wave creation and picking rule engine give you the power to adapt to varying demand patterns. Dynamic courier allocation helps optimize time and cost-effective delivery. The comprehensive exception management module helps manage operational realities.

Inventory management

Accurate inventory management is the key to efficient warehouse operations. By providing real-time and accurate visibility of inventory, Pyrops lets you organize your inventory according to your unique business requirements. Define active pick and reserve storage area and set up replenishment norms to optimize stockholding and manpower movement.

Order management

Omnichannel fulfilment requires warehouses to process the varying nature of orders received from different channels. Pyrops provide granular tracking capabilities to ensure the orders get processed in the most optimal manner. Now serve both B2B, B2C, store replenishments seamlessly with Pyrops multi-channel fulfilment capabilities.

Productivity management

Pyrops comprehensively boosts the performance of all warehouse processes by virtue of automation and real-time reporting. It ensures unity of direction for all the ongoing operations and reduces manual effort.

Advanced reporting engine

Reporting is one of the critical aspects to measure the accuracy and efficiency of operations. Pyrops® provides reports for various warehouse activities to monitor and spot inefficiencies. Insight driven decisions help you improve operational efficiency.

Workflow optimization

Pyrops® is dedicated to provide tailor made solutions to the unique warehouse needs according to the nature and scale of operations. It lets you customize various operational process to suit the changing business requirements.

Precision Pyramid Private Limited

Pyrops® is a warehouse management software designed, developed and implemented by Precision Pyramid Private Limited.

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