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Ecommerce Fulfillment Center Design and Operationalize

Discover how we helped India’s largest flower and gifts retailer overcome operational inefficiencies, enhance inventory visibility, and improve customer satisfaction, maintaining their market leadership and boosting revenue.

FMCG Retail Distribution

Discover how we revolutionize FMCG distribution with automation, enhanced visibility, scalable infrastructure, and productivity measures, driving operational efficiency, cost reduction, and sustainable growth for top-rated distributors in India’s dynamic market.

From Struggle to Success: Empowering FMCG Operations with PYROPS WMS

Discover how we’ve revolutionized inventory management: Eliminating expiry issues, mastering multi-unit handling, ensuring error-free inventory, optimizing stock rotation and shelf life, and providing real-time visibility. These are just some of the issues our client faced, and we’ve addressed them, along with advanced features significantly enhancing their operational productivity. Ready to elevate your operations?

Streamlining Beauty and Salon Inventory Management

The client is a renowned name in the Indian beauty and salon industry. They offer a wide
range of services, including hair salons, hair care products, and beauty and hair care products. With a
widespread presence across India, their extensive inventory management needs were vital to ensure
seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

Solving 3PL Challenges: Empowering Our Esteemed Client with Innovative Solutions

For our esteemed 3PL client, our advanced system-driven solutions have optimized every step of the process. From precise demand-based dispatch planning to streamlined kitting material management, our solutions ensure efficiency and accuracy. Our intuitive dashboards provide real-time visibility, facilitating informed decision-making, while advanced system-driven cycle count and reconciliation reports ensure accuracy. Additionally, seamlessly handling of multi-client, multi-facility operations ensures comprehensive efficiency across the board. Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency in 3PL operations with our transformative solutions

Optimizing Supply Chain Management: Our Serialized Inventory Solutions

Streamlining Serialized Inventory Management: Our Solutions for Seamless Supply Chain Operations. For our client managing multiple serialized inventories, we’ve addressed challenges with our robust system, ensuring accountability at every step. With streamlined ground team processes, returns, and refurbishments, we ensure efficiency. Additionally, we’ve optimized production planning, introduced efficient QC approvals, and simplified logistics. Our automatic back-order system and pack size management further enhance inventory efficiency. Plus, our secure access control and real-time tracking simplify device management. Join us as we enhance efficiency and transparency in your supply chain operations.

Transforming Food Industry Operations: Our Specialized Solutions Resolve Industry Challenges

For our esteemed food industry client, we seamlessly integrated our Pyrops warehouse management system and Microsoft Navision ERP across multiple touch points. By implementing batch control for manufacturing and expiration-based order fulfillment, we ensured first-expiry-first-out (FEFO) practices, minimizing material obsolescence. Our innovative solutions eliminated errors associated with manual data transfers and increased efficiency with scan-based handheld terminal operations. The outcome? Increased efficiency, reduced wastage, and boosted revenue, marking a significant improvement from previous manual operations.

Optimizing Operations for the Gifting and Floristry Industries with Cutting-edge Solutions to Improve Efficiency

Scaling up operations for customized products posed a significant challenge for Fern n Petals. The company encountered difficulties in efficiently tracking the correct items and ensuring that no customizations were overlooked, necessitating manual efforts. Moreover, fulfilling orders that consisted of both customized and non-customized items presented an additional hurdle in their operations.

Solving 3PL Billing Challenges: Streamlined Solutions for Efficient Invoicing

3PL companies need to bill customers based on various services offered, but currently, most of them manually track billable activities, which is inefficient and prone to errors. A leading 3PL company realized the need for an automated billing module to streamline the process and improve accuracy and efficiency.

Revolutionizing Warehouse Efficiency: Solutions for Consumer Products, Lighting, and Power Distribution Industries

Our client faced the challenge of transitioning from manual processes to streamlined operations, requiring robust technology adoption and comprehensive tracking. To address this, we implemented LPN-based operations for precise inventory tracking, reducing errors by 12%. Integration of Handheld Devices (HHT) improved accuracy and efficiency, while system-driven suggested put-away enhanced space utilization by 17%. Pick n Drop zones minimized user movement, and dynamic replenishment expedited material movement. With serial tracking enabled throughout the supply chain, our solutions ensure improved inventory management and enhanced customer satisfaction. Experience the efficiency revolution with us!

Tacking the challenges of Dark Store Fulfillment

Our client, a leading transport aggregator and warehouse service provider, ventured into dark stores as a service, catering to multiple clients from the same facility. With over nine clients, they faced the challenge of executing Pick-Pack-Dispatch swiftly while meeting strict SLAs. We implemented 100% scan-based operations, ensuring accurate tracking at the serial number level. Our tailored solutions addressed various challenges, from barcode mapping and SLA-based order processing to space optimization and real-time updates. By leveraging mobile handheld devices, optimizing replenishment, and introducing slot-wise picking, we revolutionized their operations, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Experience the transformation with us.

Mastering Multichannel Operations: Our Solutions Transform Inventory Management for Top Brands in the Apparel Industry

Transforming inventory management for leading brands in the active wear and sports apparel industry, our solutions address the complexities of multichannel operations. With a focus on seamless integration and optimization across B2C and B2B channels, including online marketplaces and store fulfilments, we tackle challenges such as manual warehousing and vendor-level inventory tracking. Through EAN code mapping and HHT-enabled operations, we ensure real-time visibility and efficiency, while deep integration with ERP systems and customized reporting enhances decision-making. Our tailored approach drives operational excellence, fostering customer satisfaction and business growth.

FMCG Fulfillment Requires Executional Excellence : See How Our Solutions Boost Efficiency

A food service client manages 1170 SKUs in their B2B business from a Kundli warehouse. They use FEFO for batch and expiry management, have palletized storage, and lack a system to handle inventory for all channel fulfilments. They require an expiry/manufacturing-based system to track all products, SLA-based order processing, and a faster pick-pack-dispatch cycle for franchise fulfilment due to time constraints and franchise SLAs.

Revolutionizing Warehousing: The Game-Changing Impact of Barcode and Scan-Based Operations

One of the leading warehouse solutions and transport aggregation solution provider who handles 10000+ shipments per day, needed 100% scan-based operations and tracking of all products at serial number level if relevant. They also wanted to achieve SLA-based order processing aligning with the cutoffs of their transportation network. This required deep integrations with their Order Management System covering the happy flow and exceptional scenarios.

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