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Pyrops DMS

Dealer Management System

Pyrops DMS is an Easy-to-use dealer-distributor management system for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands. It is a complete end to end solution to channelize the distribution process and monitor secondary sales.

DMS provides complete visibility of actual secondary sales execution which is a fundamental parameter for planning various strategies. Knowing the exact status of ground-level sales execution can help in deciding the store-level schemes, promoter performance and also the effectiveness of incentive schemes.

DMS - Dealer Management System

Advantages of Pyrops DMS

Complete Visibility on Secondary Sales Execution

DMS provides complete visibility of secondary sales in real-time with just a click. FMCG organisations do not need to wait for the sales data from their distributors, retailers, or promoters anymore.

Better Inventory Management

Companies can access information about sales and stock available with sub-distributors and retailers in real-time. This makes inventory management seemingly easy. Further, it encourages distributors in making better business decisions with regards to the demand and supply of the products in the market.

Increased Efficiency with Reduced Operational Expenses

Companies can avoid investment in workstations and human resources. Furthermore, it reduces the revenue loss to the company by cutting off the extra costs on pilferages and damages.

Time Management

When companies have all their business processes working in a streamlined manner, the saved time can be utilized to strategize, plan, and innovate new ways to hold/augment their position in the market.

Web Based Operations

Distributors can perform their tasks over the web portal from anywhere at any time. This gives them additional flexibility to manage their operations and enables them to update in real-time.

Integration With Existing ERP System

Pyrops DMS can be easily integrated with the existing ERP Systems like NAV, making the adaptation quick and easy. A distributor can continue using his existing ERP solution to record secondary sales.

Pyrops DMS Dashboard 1

Benefits for Distributors and Retailers

  • Easy self-activation for distributors at every scale: Distributors and Retailers don’t need to wait for technical support or guidance of any form to adapt to the platform, Pyrops DMS application works on the self-activation model.
  • Reliable link of communication: The DMS application helps facilitate digital communication amongst the managers, retailers, promoters, distributors etc in real-time.
  • Automated reward management and claim processing: Pyrops DMS enables pre-programmed rewards and claims management making it easy for retailers and distributors. This builds trust and helps maintain transparency.

Benefits for Promoters

  • Automated incentive management and claim processing: With automated business processing, managing different incentives and processing incentive claims becomes easy for companies and promoters.
  • Capture opportunities lost to competitor sales: Promoters deployed at the retail store can capture and report the competitor sales and opportunity lost. This can help the company to analyse the sales strategy and re-work the product specifications.
  • Track target achievement status: Promoters can view their targets and achievement for the ongoing month and plan their sales execution accordingly.

We provide customised solutions for your Dealer/ Distributor management system based on your needs and the secondary sales model.

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