Multi Client Facilities

Pyrops powers several multi-client warehousing facilities through its state of the art configuration engine. Enjoy centralized administration and supervision, while running varying processes for different clients. Reap the benefits of comingling to optimize space and capacity with the help of Warehouse Management System.

Multi Location Management and Control

Manage multi-location fulfilment through centralized control tower. Balance inventory at various nodes in the network through intelligent replenishment norms. Achieve complex multi-node integrations with the client’s ERP for absolute control and governance.


Track transactions, consumption and activities at a granular level to arrive at a billing basis for your customers. Pyrops enables you to differentiate from the competition with much more flexible contract structuring possibilities.

Custom Business Process Configuration

Each business is unique and so is each warehouse. The norms of operating a warehouse may vary and you need a system that can cater to this peculiarity with ease. Pyrops’s powerful configuration engine allows you to set up client’s operations easily so that you can focus on driving business value for your customer.

Inventory Segregation by Customer

Whether you opt for comingled inventory holding or segregated inventory holding, you will always have the latest and accurate view of a client’s inventory.  An advanced cycle counting engine ensures total control over inventory and helps to reduce chargebacks.

E-commerce & Retail

Marketplace Integrations

Integration readiness is a key decision-making criterion for most retail and e-commerce industries. Pyrops is integrated with all major e-commerce websites, marketplaces, courier partners and ERP solutions. Additionally, a comprehensive integration framework makes additional integrations easy to configure, test and monitor. 

Efficient Returns Management

Simplify and accelerate the return processing at your warehouse. Capture meaningful data in the least number of clicks, segregate inventory based on quality statuses, redirect to respective zones and ensure quick re-listing of stock for sales.

Route and Space Optimization

Pyrops warehouse management system is designed to optimize operator travel time and storage space while achieving business objectives. Its simple and powerful rule engine empowers you to choose and optimize the resource that matters given the business context.

Marketplace Driven Operations

Advanced e-commerce fulfilment presents heterogeneous fulfilment scenarios – back to back orders, cross-docking, just in time, drop-ship etc.  Foster collaboration and reduce information asymmetry amongst various supply chain stakeholders by offering a centralized platform for perfect fulfilment.

Packaging Material Tracking

Transport costs have the highest contribution to e-commerce fulfilment. It is imperative to focus on optimum packing to ensure rightful transport costs. Pyrops helps you track the consumption of packing material at an order level to make sure the operator is choosing the right package.

Priority Based Order Processing

SLA based order processing is a must-have in e-commerce industries. Synchronizing your operational flow with courier pickup timings results in the most optimum value for the operational effort. Pyrops helps achieve this objective with surprising ease and simplicity.

Wholesale Distribution

Multiple Unit of Measure handling

With an increasing shift towards piece-level fulfilment, more and more distribution centres are facing the complexity of managing multiple units of measures and conversions. Manage different zones for different UoMs, achieve automatic UoM conversions while replenishing from one zone to another and much more through Pyrops.

Category-wise Zone Management

Specific allocation according to inventory characteristics in zones with optimal conditions: refrigerated zone, dry storage zone, flammable material zone, corrosive, materials size-specific zone.

Optimal Picking Strategies

Choose the most appropriate picking strategies according to the number and size of orders, type and location of products, availability of labour as well as to the industries. Pyrops facilitates batch picking, wave picking, cluster picking, piece picking, zone picking.

LPN Based Operations

Some warehouses are best to run on license plate number (LPN) tracking.  LPN based operations offer a multitude of advantages in receiving, putaway, picking, order processing and also in-transit– reducing the need for repeat scans and maintaining context and accuracy. 

Mobile / Handheld Based Operations

With the increasing adoption of mobility in warehouses, the workforce is now demanding the ease, flexibility and accuracy it offers.  Pyrops Mobility module enables multiple warehousing operations on mobile devices. Run seamless handheld based operations for both barcoded or non-barcoded inventory with Pyrops.

Audit Trials

A robust warehouse management system maintains a detailed audit trail for all transactions. Pyrops supports quick investigations and tracebacks through its thoughtfully contrived audit trail mechanism.

Food and Beverage

Quality Control

Capture quality disposition and reason codes to keep tight control over QC failures and vendor or warehouse performance.

Lot and Batch Handling

Setup hybrid lot parameters. Capture lot details at inbound, permit/restrict and mixing of lots. Manage all of this – with or without barcoding of individual products!

Shelf Life Management

In FMCG industries, manage complex shelf life rules to ensure freshness and compliance with customer SLA. Inbound shelf life rules restrict accepting products that are non-compliant with the norms, while customer based shelf life rules help direct you to pick the right merchandize to avoid rework.



Manage complex VMI scenarios and collaboration across various stakeholders through Pyrops. Seamlessly service Delivery Orders as required at the production lines with detailed tracking and accuracy.

Cross Docking

Eliminate redundant handling of products in the warehouse by using the cross-docking feature.

Pick To Light Integration

Integrate with IoT based warehouse automation solutions like Pick/Put to light to ensure the right parts are picked at the right velocity.


Execute complex kitting tasks through various kitting features like Kit planning, component picking, putaway of kit, on-demand kitting etc.

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