Pyrops WMS

B2B, B2C, D2C – Models, Operating Differences

 B2B Supply ChainB2C Supply ChainD2C Supply Chain
Operational Parameter   
Customer BaseFew large corporate clientsNumerous individual consumersDirect relationship with consumers
Order SizeBulk ordersSmaller, individual ordersSmaller, individual orders
Order FrequencyLess frequent, larger ordersFrequent, smaller ordersFrequent, smaller orders
Inventory ManagementLarger stock for diverse productsVaried inventory, focused on demandLimited SKU diversity, demand-driven
PackagingBulk packagingIndividual, customer-friendly packagingCustomer-centric, branded packaging
ShippingPalletized shipmentsParcel and small package shipmentsParcel and small package shipments
Order ProcessingComplex, often customized ordersStandardized and straightforwardStandardized and straightforward
Delivery TimeframeLonger lead timesFaster deliveries, often same-dayFaster deliveries, often same-day
Reverse LogisticsInfrequent, often bulk returnsFrequent, individual product returnsFrequent, individual product returns
TransportationLarger vehicles, cost-effective routesParcel carriers, last-mile logisticsParcel carriers, last-mile logistics
Supply Chain TechnologyEmphasis on EDI, large-scale systemsE-commerce platforms, tracking systemsE-commerce platforms, tracking systems
Order Fulfillment CentersFew centralized warehousesMultiple distribution centersFew centralized warehouses
Customer ExpectationsFocus on cost-effectiveness and scaleSpeed, convenience, and experienceSpeed, convenience, and experience
Systems & Applications   
ERP SystemComprehensive resource planningStreamlined order processingStreamlined order processing
E-commerce PlatformBasic B2B portal or integrated systemFeature-rich B2C platformDirect-to-consumer website
WMS (Warehouse Management)Advanced systems for large volumesEfficient, adaptable for e-commerceAdaptable for smaller, agile operations
TMS (Transportation Management)Focus on efficient logisticsLast-mile delivery optimizationLast-mile delivery optimization
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)B2B client managementB2C customer engagementDirect customer relations
Data Analytics ToolsEmphasis on inventory analysisCustomer behavior analysisCustomer behavior analysis