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Precision Pyramid Private Limited Joins Warehouse Association of India

Precision Pyramid Private Limited Joins Warehouse Association of India

New Delhi, June 26 2023 – Precision Pyramid Private Ltd, a leading provider for supply chain digitization solutions, is proud to announce its recent membership in the Warehousing Association of India (WAI). This significant milestone further solidifies Precision Pyramid’s commitment to excellence in the supply chain vertical and its dedication to enhancing the warehousing sector in India. The Warehousing Association of India (WAI) has been formed with the mission to promote the interest of the Warehousing Industry in India. 

The industry has several stakeholders that help in implementing, coordinating, policy formulation, and ensuring global standards and best-in-class processes and warehousing infrastructure is developed in India. This platform aims at creating an umbrella organization to bring all the stakeholders together.

Precision Pyramid has built a strong reputation as a reliable and technologically advanced provider of operational digital transformation solutions. The company’s membership in the Warehousing Association of India reflects its ongoing efforts to help elevate industry standards, foster collaboration, and promote best practices. By joining forces with other esteemed members, Precision Pyramid aims to strengthen its industry presence and actively contribute to shaping the future of warehousing in India.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the new partnership, Vineet Baid, managing director, Precision Pyramid stated, “We are delighted to join the Warehouse Association of India as a member. This collaboration opens up numerous avenues for us to connect with industry leaders, share our expertise, and contribute to the advancement of the warehousing sector. We look forward to leveraging the extensive resources and knowledge base of WAI to enhance our services and provide our clients with state of the art solutions.”

As a member of WAI, Precision Pyramid will actively participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences organized by the association. This involvement will enable them to forge strategic partnerships, stay updated with regulatory changes, and collaborate on industry-wide initiatives and with government and non-government stakeholders to create a conducive environment aimed at improving warehousing standards and practices.

“As the nodal body to facilitate the ease of establishing and operating world-class warehouses in India across the entire value chain, we want more and more organisations to join us in the journey of warehousing excellence in India.

We are thrilled to welcome Precision Pyramid join us as our new member. We are confident that the membership will enrich our community and contribute to the collective growth and advancement of the warehousing industry in India” expressed Mr. Manu Bhalla, President, WAI.” Expressed Manu Bhalla, President, WAI.

Precision Pyramid’s integration into the Warehousing Association of India is aligned with its own mission of helping businesses attain operational excellence to become globally competitive. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction positions it as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to significantly improve their supply chain operations.

About the Warehousing Association of India:
The Warehousing Association of India (WAI) has been created to advance the interests of the warehousing industry in the country. This industry involves numerous stakeholders who contribute to the implementation, coordination, policy formulation, and establishment of global standards and top-notch warehousing infrastructure in India. The objective of this platform is to bring together all these stakeholders under one umbrella organization. Major developed nations like the UK, USA, Singapore, Canada, and Australia already have national warehousing associations, which facilitate public-private partnerships and play a vital role in the industry’s successful development. WAI aims to serve as a similar central body for India.

About Precision Pyramid:
Precision Pyramid is a leading provider of operational digital transformation solutions. They specialize in streamlining backend operations such as warehousing, transportation, data management, customer care, and financial management. With a 360-degree approach, they offer consulting, software and hardware products, implementation support, and take ownership of delivery and outcomes. Their focus on aligning business problems with strategy, evaluating technology decisions, and providing comprehensive solutions sets them apart. Precision Pyramid aims to enable operational excellence and empower businesses through digital innovation.

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