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Top Mistakes in Putaway Process in Warehouse

Warehouse managers’ goal is focused on fulfilling customer orders quickly and safely. This can be achieved by using warehouse space and equipment strategically and efficiently. Warehouse management software can optimize packing and picking processes, but warehouse putaway is another important part of supply chain logistics that should not be neglected. By optimizing the warehouse putaway process, warehouse managers can effectively utilize storage space and streamline the flow of goods from manufacturers to customers. This optimization can be achieved through efficient warehouse management techniques and the implementation of a robust WMS putaway system.

What is putaway in warehouse management?

Warehouse put away process is the process of moving goods from the receiving area to the storage area. After goods are received at a warehouse, they must be inspected, sorted, and stored properly for later retrieval and order fulfillment.

Warehouse putaway involves storing products inside the warehouse on shelves, containers, bins, pallets, and other assigned places. The warehouse put away process begins with placing a purchase order with a vendor. After the vendor delivers the products, they must be stored efficiently to make the picking process easier and to improve visibility into inventory.

The goal of the WMS putaway process is to make warehouse operations more efficient, error-free, and fast. By storing goods in a way that reduces travel distance for warehouse workers and maximizes warehouse space through warehouse optimization, putaway helps warehouses to fulfill orders quickly and accurately.

Failure to plan ahead

If warehouse staff fail to plan for putaway, it can result in a haphazard and inefficient process. This can lead to misplaced items, low-density storage, and a waste of space.

Poor organization

A lack of organization can make it challenging to put away products properly. Warehouse staff should have a clear understanding of where each product belongs, and storage areas should be appropriately labeled.

Not verifying the product

If warehouse staff does not verify the product before putaway, it can lead to misplacements, inventory discrepancies, and ultimately, errors in order fulfillment.

Poor communication

If there is poor communication between the receiving and putaway departments, it can result in products being put away in the wrong locations, leading to delays in order fulfillment and increased labor costs.

Failing to rotate stock

Failing to rotate stock can lead to expired or damaged products and can result in increased costs due to waste. Warehouse staff should adhere to a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system to ensure that older products are used first.

Inadequate training

If staff members are not adequately trained on the putaway process, they may make mistakes due to a lack of knowledge or experience. Training should include proper putaway procedures, location labeling, and product knowledge.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your putaway operations are efficient and accurate. Regular training, process standardization, and using technology solutions like RFID or barcode scanning can help reduce putaway errors and improve your warehouse operations.

Benefits Of Warehouse Putaway Process

A well-executed warehouse putaway process offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance warehouse operations and overall business performance. Here are some of the key advantages of implementing an efficient putaway process in warehouse:

1 . Optimized Warehouse Layout Design

An effective putaway process is the cornerstone of efficient warehouse operations. By carefully planning your putaway workflow, you can maximize the utilization of your existing warehouse layout and streamline inventory management.

2.Streamlined Picking Operations

Implementing a robust putaway process in warehouse management emerges as a game-changer in addressing this issue. By strategically storing products in designated locations, pickers can drastically reduce their search time and expedite order fulfillment. An efficient putaway process not only enhances productivity and cost-effectiveness but also contributes to a smoother customer experience.

3.Inventory Management Accuracy

Implementing an efficient wms putaway process can significantly reduce the risk of inventory errors and associated costs. By strategically storing products in designated locations and maintaining accurate inventory records, businesses can ensure that the right items are picked and shipped to customers.


Putaway in the warehouse management system plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless warehouse operations. It’s the foundation upon which inventory management and order fulfillment are built. By understanding the locations of stored products and leveraging a modern warehouse management system (WMS), businesses can elevate their putaway strategy to new heights of efficiency and productivity.